California facts & figures from 1534 to Present

3 Ago

1534 Baja California peninsula is discovered by the Spanish Fort Bertadoña Jimenez. 1535 Hernan Cortes took possession of Lower California. Accompanied by Father Kino in 1683, Admiral Isidro Antillón Otondo and built the fort of San Bruno, the first prison in the country. With the 1767 expulsion of the Jesuits, the missions are given to the Franciscans. 1are set to California, New, like the provinces, the territories of Baja California and Baja California 776 Sur, in the old division of New Spain. 1777 simplifying administration by establishing a separate government in Upper California, but in principle subject to Baja California. 1804 separated the two Californias, Alta and Baja California to each of them is granted autonomy (more than four centuries, the territory between the southern tip of the peninsula, which is in Cabo San Lucas, beyond the what is now northern city of San Francisco in the United States, became known as California). 1815 people are revolting Mulege, San Ignacio and La Purisima, the movement is suppressed. The 1821 Basic Law of the convocationthe founding congress, regarded as one component of the Mexican empire the provinces of the Californias. 1823 The new Basic Law distinguishes the Alta and Baja California. 1824 The 1824 Federal Constitution determines that the peninsula is part of the territory of the Californias. The northern part became known as Alta California and Baja California peninsula. On February 7, 1846, the districts of North and South have been transformed into territories. Esteban Cantú Jiménez Colonel Mexicali appointed head of the Northern District, instead of Ensenada. An attempt by the American filibuster Harry Chandler. On February 7, 1931, the districts of North and South have been transformed into territories. 1936 January 27, Assault on the ejido lands Michoacan de Ocampo in 1952 Mexicali Valley is located in a free and sovereign territory of Baja California Norte and November 21, issued the decree establishing the state of Baja California and is designated for capital Mexicali. August 16, 1953 publication of the state constitution.



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